Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to see that our children grow in wisdom, knowledge and stature to become responsible citizens of India. To see this Vision fulfilled, apart from quality education students are given value/moral education to help them learn good values and face the life challenges.

Our Motto ‘LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK’ fits in so well that these students reflect the qualities like compassion, love and concern towards fellow human beings and stand unique in their attitudes like honesty, truth, justice and generosity.

A wide range of extra curricular activities like sports, nature trips, excursions, competitions etc., help students in holistic development and creates an environment to become confident, innovative, independent, decisive and active.

Career Counseling is given to the students of XI & XII to help them understand and decide in chosing the courses in higher studies. It is interactive and helps students to clear their doubts and clarity in chosing their subjects.